A 5-year-old practicing silent reading


Our 5-Year-Old Program was developed specifically to challenge and give 5-year-old children one extra year to mature, develop and succeed before enrolling in Kindergarten.

The curriculum includes a review of our Pre-K program and an individual plan for each child to introduce him or her to Kindergarten-level work. The academic components have been organized to prepare the children for elementary school. 

We operate this classroom as a 5-day program from 9:00 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. The program runs on a Monday through Friday schedule. Tuition »

Our 5-Year-Olds Program has a maximum of 15 children and two adults, a teacher and a teaching assistant. The maximum student/teacher ratio is 8:1.

Children must be 5 years of age and have completed a year of Pre-K to join this class.

Find out more about this exceptional program and how it has benefited our previous students who had an extra preschool year before entering Kindergarten. Read parent testimonials from our 5-year-old graduates. »

Educational Objectives

  • Language Arts: communicate effectively in the school setting, listen attentively, begin applying reading skills, apply writing skills using "Handwriting Without Tears" program
  • Mathematics: identify numbers 0-20, recognize how numbers are used in the "real world", count to 30 correctly, count by 5s and 10s, order numbers from least to greatest value, match numeral to sets, tell how items are alike and different, sort items by one attribute, recognize/create simple ABAB and complex ABCABC patterns, identify/name penny, nickel and dime, understand passages of time, solve problems by making predictions, estimating and graphing
  • Science: experimentation and exploration on several themes such as the five senses, apples, space and our solar system, zoo animals, frog and chick life cycles
  • Social Studies: social skills and safety, understand communities, explore community helpers, learn about historical events and people such as Native Americans, Pilgrims and Johnny Appleseed

Download the detailed Educational Objectives [pdf] »


Download curriculum [pdf] »

Sample Day Schedule

9:00 a.m.
Independent Skills: individualized folders with practice activities
Morning Message: Pledge of Allegiance, calendar, shared experiences
Music Class or Activity Room for art projects
10:00 Student Shared Read Aloud: books or poems
Work Stations: literacy, alphabet, writing, listening, math manipulation
Bathroom then Snack
11:10 Recess
Dismissal at outside door or extended child care
Work Stations: kid writing, phonics and journals