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Now touring and registering for the 2019-2020 school year! Come visit our school and meet our teachers. In order to provide a high quality preschool program, we limit all class sizes. All registrations are accepted on a first come, first served basis. Call or email us today to reserve your child's space!

Summer Camp Themes

Learn more about the fun we will have this summer 2018!

Click here to see our Summer 2018 Calendar! 

Week #1, June 5 - June 8

The Great Outdoors
Welcome to our first week of summer camp! We will get things started with a full of camping activities including exploring a tent, singing songs by a make believe camp fire, making s'mores and taking a nature walk in the woods! 


Week #2, June 11 – June 15

The Land of Make Believe 

Join us for a magical journey into the Land of Make Believe! Campers will dress up like their favorite characters, find a hidden pirate treasure, make puppets and perform in a puppet show, and explore their creativity through some special art projects! Get ready for some fun and fantasy! 


Week #3, June 18 – June 22

Under the Sea 

Come join our underwater exploration! This is is a fun, hands-on science exploration of the ocean. Lots of water themed games, art projects, and music are planned too! 


Week #4, June 25-June 29

Making Music with Mrs. Parsons

Does your child look forward to his/her music class? Then this is the camp for you! Each day our campers will create a musical instrument or prop to use in Music Class with Mrs. Parsons (our Music Teacher). The children will explore singing, instruments, and creative movement throughout the week. Come join the muscial celebration!


Week #5, July 2  July 6

Kitchen Capers
It's time to explore the kitchen! Each day, the children will participate in a variety of cooking activities. Campers will look at recipes, measure ingredients, mix, pour, and create! Of course, they will also have the opportunity to taste their creations too! 


Week #6, July 9 – July 13

Discovering Dinosaurs 

Join us as we journey back in time to when the dinosaurs roamed the Earth. The children hatch dinosaur eggs, search for dinosaur bones, and even watch a volcano errupt! We hope that you are ready for a hands-on scientific adventure! 


Week #7, July 16 – July 20

Animal Planet

Animals are all around us and so much fun to learn about! Campers will explore various types of animals including jungle animals, pond animals, and zoo animals. Also, can you imagine the fun of  participating in our animal olympic games! Time to explore our wild side! 


Week #8, July 23 – July 27

A Trip to the Beach

What could be more fun than a trip to the beach? Since we don't have quite enough time to get there, we will bring the beach to Zion! The children will participate in a variety of beach themed games, water play events, science experiments, and art activities. 

Week #9, July 30 – August 3

Down on the Farm 

Let's go on an imaginary trip to the farm and meet all the animals! During our trip, we will be sure to learn about healthy foods that are grown on farms and even cook a new recipe! Also, for our young scientists, get ready to think creatively as we help the Three Little Pigs by designing and building strong houses to live in. 



Week #10, August 6-9

Amazing Authors

It's time to explore some of our favorite children's authors! Each day, our campers will listen to and do creative projects based on stories from some of the best authors including Eric Carle, Eric Litwin, Mo Willems, and Mercer Mayer! Also, we will have an ice cream sundae party to celebrate our final day at summer camp!