Summer Camp Themes

Learn more about the fun we will have this summer 2017!

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Week #1, June 6 - June 9

The Great Outdoors
Welcome to our first week of summer camp! We will get things started with a full of camping activities including exploring a tent, singing songs by a make believe camp fire, making s'mores and taking a nature walk in the woods! 

Week #2, June 12 – June 16

Blast Off Into Space

5-4-3-2-1 Blast Off! Get ready for a fun learning adventure.  The children will travel into space and participate in hands-on projects and experiments to learn about the planets and stars. It will be exciting to see the night sky with the planetarium projector! Children who love science will love this week at camp! 

Week #3, June 19 – June 23

Making Music with Mrs. Pilcicki

Each day our campers will create a musical instrument or prop to use in Music Class with Mrs. Pilcicki (our Music Teacher). The children will explore singing, instruments, and creative movement throughout the week. Come join the muscial celebration! 

Week #4, June 26-June 30

Water, Water Everywhere

It's time to get wet and wild! From sprinkler days to water themed science experiments, the children will love exploring water! Don't forget to wear a bathing suit to camp each day.

Week #5, July 5  July 7

Kitchen Capers
It's time to explore the kitchen! Each day, the children will participate in a variety of cooking activities. Campers will look at recipes, measure ingredients, mix, pour, and create! Of course, they will also have the opportunity to taste their creations too! 

Week #6, July 10 – July 14

Journey into the Jungle

Books can take us on the most amazing adventures including right into the heart of the jungle! Our explorers will learn about many different animals and plants. Acting like various animals and being part of our "Animal Olympics" is sure to be a lot of fun! 

Week #7, July 17 – July 21

A Trip to the Beach

What could be more fun than a trip to the beach? Since we don't have quite enough time to get there, we will bring the beach to Zion! The children will participate in a variety of beach themed games, water play events, science experiments, and art activities. 

Week #8, July 24 – July 28

Discovering Dinosaurs 

Join us as we journey back in time to when the dinosaurs roamed the Earth. The children will make their own fossils, hatch dinosaur eggs, and even watch a volcano errupt! We hope that you are ready for a hands-on scientific adventure! 

Week #9, July 31 – August 4

It's a Small World 

Pack your bags and get ready to travel around the world with your friends at Zion! Each day, the children will explore the culture, artwork, foods, landmarks,and music from countries around the world. Our travel intinery includes China, Mexico, Norway, Egypt, and France. (Don't worry- we promise to return from our adventure by 1:00 each afternoon!) 


Week #10, August 7-10

Artist's Studio 

It's time to get creative! This week the children will use a variety of tools and media in order to create their own masterpieces! Children will create both 2-D and 3-D artwork. Our artists are sure to have a blast at Summer Camp!