Parent Testimonials

With these testimonials provided by our parents, we hope to give you a glimpse of the long-standing history Zion Lutheran Preschool has for providing nurturing, quality preschool programs. If you are a parent/guardian of a Zion student and would like to submit a testimonial, please email to

"We Made the Right Choice"
"I have only great things to say about Zion Lutheran Preschool! Our son entered the 3-Year-Old Program as a shy little guy who hugged my legs and ran crying down the hallways. Fast forward to a year later, and he is now in the 4-Year-Old Program and goes happily into his classroom each morning, ready to start the day. He has grown in maturity as well as academics, and I feel we definitely made the right choice."
The "F" Family

"Could Not Be Happier"
"Our son went to Zion a few years back and he is now in private school. We chose this school now for our daughter over his school's preschool program because of the wonderful two years he had here. The staff is attentive, the class sizes are small, the security is comforting and we could not be happier."
The "T" Family

"Going to Kindergarten with Confidence"
"The teachers at Zion gave my son skills necessary to go to kindergarten with confidence!"
The "H" Family

"I Feel Safe Leaving My Child at Zion"
"I knew Zion was right for our family when I toured the facility. I was impressed by the organization and energy in the classrooms, the bright and cheery ambiance. The director, Mrs. ‘D’ knew everyone in the whole place and everyone seemed to know exactly where to be and what they should be doing. I feel very safe leaving my child in their care."
The "F" Family

"An Incredible Learning Environment"
"Both the quality of the education and the dedication and sensitivity of the staff make Zion an incredible learning environment. This preschool offers a wonderful entry for any child into the world of scholastics. Small class sizes and additional programs that involve the entire family, a ‘Daddy Day’ and Christmas Concert, makes parental involvement enjoyable. The crafts, projects and subject-centered education have really made learning fun for our child. The preschool offers additional services to busy parents by having programs for dropping your child off early in order to accommodate busy work schedules and a Lunch Bunch which extends the day in case you need more time to pick-up your child. We have been very pleased with all this school has to offer."
The "S" Family

"Helped My Daughter Blossom"
"Zion Lutheran Preschool has really helped my little girl. As an only child (so far!) she was very nervous around a lot of kids. The friendly, relaxed environment has helped her blossom. After her first year, she is now happy to play with other kids, even boys! And her vocabulary has increased dramatically. We look forward to watching her grow in this second year of preschool as she gets ready for kindergarten. Thank you, Zion!"
The "Y" Family

"Zion Prepared My Twins for Kindergarten"
"My children attended Zion for 2-, 3-, 4- and 5-Year-Old Programs. I was apprehensive about enrolling my twins at age 2, especially because their July birthdays made them the youngest in the class. However, Zion offered a friendly place for them to interact with other children and a solid foundation for learning in a classroom environment.

Although our twins turned 5 by the Kindergarten cutoff date, we decided to register them for the 5-Year-Old Program. The decision was easier with the gentle guidance of Fern Detwiler, the preschool director. The 5-Year-Old Program prepared them for Kindergarten — and beyond. I have talked to parents of children with summer birthdays who wished they would have enrolled their kids in an extra year of preschool, but I have not met anyone who regretted taking advantage of this type of program.

My youngest child is currently in the 4-Year-Old Program. Our family will be sad to say goodbye to Zion when he graduates, but I know that the preschool offers Lunch Bunch and extended care (including exciting options such as Computer and Art Classes) to Kindergarten students, so he may be back the following year to take advantage of these programs!"
The "R" Family

"My Son is Eager to Come to Preschool"
"We commute 20 minutes to Zion because of the loving and caring environment provided by Mrs. ‘D’ and the entire teaching staff. Every time we turn into the parking lot my son yells with excitement, ‘We are at my school!’ His eagerness to come to preschool makes it all worthwhile."
The "R" Family

"A Wonderful Environment for Children to Learn and Grow"
"From the first time we heard about Zion, we knew we wanted our son, Jack, to attend. Some mothers in our neighborhood recommended the school, and the more and more I asked around town, the more wonderful things I heard about it! After meeting Fern and the other teachers on our registration day, we honestly didn't look at any other preschools. The warm and loving atmosphere was overwhelming. We felt so welcomed and important, and that Jack would be cared for like we care for him at home.

Jack is in the 2-year-old class with Mrs. Davis and Mrs. Ziegler. They are so amazing! My son feels safe and is having a fabulous time — he can't wait to go to school each day. We feel so blessed and happy that we are are part of such a wonderful family at Zion.  Jack loves preschool and is doing very well. Thank you for creating such a wonderful environment for our children to learn and grow in."
The "V" Family

"I Feel Lucky to Have Found Zion"
"I spoke with many parents on playgrounds and so many of them chose Zion for their child and loved it.  To me the most important aspect is the people — the teachers make the children their top priority. I feel lucky to have found Zion for Angelina and I know I was blessed to have Mrs. ‘K’ and Mrs. ‘Sparkle’ for Angelina's first school teachers. Thanks for the wonderful job you all do at Zion! Angelina loves preschool."
The "W" Family

"Zion is Happy, Comforting and Secure"
"The minute I went through Zion's doors I knew it was the place for my then two-year-old Evie to start school. As a former teacher, I wanted a place that felt happy, comforting and secure. Zion became that and so much more. All the staff I encountered as a parent only added to that wonderful feeling I had on my first visit.  Every teacher and teaching assistant that all three of my children had were caring, kind and gifted with my children in so many ways. It's hard to even put it into words.

I found that the more I came to Zion with my kids, the more I was inspired to return to the teaching world. Now that I work at Zion, I can honestly say that I work with an awesome group of people. They all love the kids and are invested in giving them the best early childhood education possible. What a truly unique environment I am blessed to work in every day."
The "S" Family

"A Warm and Inviting Preschool"
"Thank you, thank you, thank you for taking our daughter Anna into your program. As a military family, we found ourselves scrambling the first week of September to find a preschool for her. We saw the sign for a preschool on Route 724 and thought we'd drop in for a little more information. One step in the door and I knew we had found the right place. What a warm and inviting preschool. The staff has been so kind and supportive. And Anna loves school! Loves it! I cannot thank you enough for providing a ‘school family.’ With all of the changes she's adjusting to, I am grateful that she (and I) can rely on Zion for consistent care and a quality education."
The "W" Family

"Everyone is So Caring"
"We have been extremely happy and satisfied with our son's experience at Zion. Everyone is so caring. He has learned a lot and more importantly, he looks forward to going!"
The "F" Family

"The Staff is Wonderful and the Facility is Great Too"
"When we moved to this area a few years ago, I asked everyone I met for their opinion on a great preschool for my two daughters. Almost everyone told me the same thing…go to Zion! So that is exactly what we did. The staff is wonderful and the facility is great too! I love that if it is raining or snowing and they can’t use the outdoor playground, the children can still run around and play in the large indoor playroom. I also appreciate how flexible and accommodating this preschool is. A couple of times I was running very late for pick-up and the children were able to utilize the ‘after care’ program, which they loved and saved me when I was in a jam! Most importantly, my children love the preschool and their teachers. I would highly recommend this preschool to anyone!"
The "M" Family

"Not Only Do the Children Learn, But They Have So Much Fun!"
"As parents with a toddler ready to attend preschool for the first time, we were very nervous and apprehensive about all of our options. We started asking all of the ‘seasoned’ parents we knew and they all said that Zion was the best place to go. We toured several schools and nothing felt quite right. Then we went to an open house at Zion and from the minute we walked in the door, we knew that this was the place. Fern and her staff are the most amazing group of women to entrust your children with. Not only do they learn, but they have so much fun doing it. My son loved going to preschool from the very first day. He cannot wait to tell us about his adventures at school when we pick him up. This is his last year at Zion and the thought of him leaving there and going on to East Vincent Elementary is bittersweet. I hope that the staff there is half as wonderful as the staff at Zion.

Sending your children to Zion is the right choice.  I recommend Zion to everyone when they ask me.  Most have taken our advice and they are very happy that their kids are enrolled there and doing so well."
The "G" Family

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